Top 20 Favorite Education Apps for K-12 Classrooms
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From an interactive clicker app to math games to an app that helps you explore local history. There is something here for every student.
By Chrissy Winske

Homework isn’t usually fun. I don’t know too many people who can’t wait to get home and crack open their algebra book or study vocabulary for the SATs. The same can be said of classes that consist entirely of lectures. We’ve all had to sit through one of those and can probably agree that fun is not a word we’d use to describe it. But learning doesn’t have to be a boring and solitary experience—-and it shouldn’t be. In order to inspire a love of learning in K-12 students, you need to inject an element of fun. Add technology into the mix and you can create a more engaging and interactive environment that reinforces key grade appropriate skills and encourages students to take an active role in their education. What better way to set up students for academic success than to make them excited about learning.

Many K-12 schools are making educational apps a standard classroom tool. This is especially true in districts that have gone BYOD or have implemented a 1:1 learning environment.  Students of all ages are likely to have some sort of device on hand whether it’s a tablet, laptop or even a smartphone. They’re going to have the technology on them anyway. That much is inevitable. Instead of allowing students to become distracted by a device in the classroom let the technology empower education.

We’ve rounded up 20 apps that will change the way you think about learning and classroom management. Apps like Operation Math turn solving equations into a game. Edmodo and Schoology allow teachers to create a social media-like environment where they can post discussions, create assignments and connect with students outside the classroom. Other apps like, Back in Time, allow students to take an interactive journey through the history of civilization.

If you’ve tried any of these apps or would like to recommend one of your favorites let us know and we’ll add it to the list. For even more popular education apps to try in the classroom, check out our coverage of the Best 25 Apps for K-12 Education. TD End Icon Final 14 px

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Top 20 Favorite Education Apps for K-12 Classrooms

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