Mitsubishi’s “Cloud” Projector Puts an End to the Most Common AV/IT Help Desk Call
Mitsubishi Cloud Projector

Mitsubishi's WD390U-EST Extreme Short Throw "Cloud" Projector

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Mitsubishi's WD390U-EST Extreme Short Throw Projector promises to end the age-old, "The projector isn't connecting to my computer."
By Cindy Davis

No matter how tech-savvy I consider myself and no matter how many high-tech companies I visit to give presentations, it is beyond rare to not face an issue when connecting my MacBook Pro to various video projectors. Admittedly this is the case even in my office with different projectors in each conference room. I travel with a suitcase of dongles to make sure that at the very least I have the correct connector. Of course I always have my presentation on a USB drive to hand over to someone with a PC just in case. It would be nice if that was the solution, but it is clear that not every PC and every projector talk nicely either. Unless there is a system in place that automatically detects the correct aspect ratio and resolution — there’s another fifteen minutes of getting the displays to jibe. 

With the launch the WD390U-EST Extreme Short Throw Projector, Mitsubishi Electric has eliminated the need for a presenter to have to hook up their computer to the projector. The projector has a thin client built-in that accesses a LAN or the Internet where content is stored in “the cloud.” Once a user is logged-in, the projector becomes an active display and the presentation is controlled with a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse. Ah – the thought of not needing to lug my laptop around is — priceless.

If you can’t part with your iPad, Android tablet or iPhone or other smartphone the WD390U-EST projector also supports “Bring Your Own Display” initiatives with the SidePad or WiFi Doc apps available for iOS and Android. You can use a mobile device to

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Mitsubishi’s “Cloud” Projector Puts an End to the Most Common AV/IT Help Desk Call

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Cindy Davis has had a passion for A/V and technology since taking apart her first transistor radio. She found it fun to write macros in DOS while at Lotus, but really loves her countless Apple products. Between 2000 and 2008 Davis was the editor-in-chief of Electronic House magazine. In 2011 she helped bring life to TechDecisions Media as editor-in-chief, and is continuing to contribute to TechDecisions as editor-at-large.

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